Samsung makes one curious about Galaxy View

At the end of the presentation of the SmartWatch Gear S2 (futurezone Hands-on) in Berlin on Thursday made Samsung already on a new device curious, to be presented in October. The speech was from the Galaxy View. Samsung Galaxy Tab E cover
Although there was no indication what it might be concerned because but in this context, the slogan "Think Bigger" and "a new dimension of entertainment" were heard, believed Android Authority that it is a giant tablet could act.
Rumors about the device that is to have a screen size of 18.4 inches, appeared already on a month ago. According to the Galaxy View a modest for the size of the display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and have a feature Exynos 7580 processor with 2G RAM and 8MP camera on the back. The dimensions shall be 451 mm x 275 mm x 11.9 mm. According to Android Authority Samsung could sell the device as a "living room-tablet".