you already know what brazilian virgin hair you higher effect in step with hair salons


skin and pores and skin look like hair need to observe the hair. one of a kind hair have special characteristics, accurate information of the character of hair complete of hair care is step one, that allows you to provide centered hair care, gain a multiplier impact.brazilian remy hair is great!

Hair is the quantity of sebum produced by way of the hair of the decision, it's miles generally divided into four sorts: oily hair, dry hair, regular hair and blended hair.

Dry hair

in case your hair appears dull, easy to dry, tie a knot in moist situations tough to brush, hair will sometimes divergent, then your hair is dry hair.

Dry hair characteristics: much less fats, dry hair, stupid, clean to tie and dry scalp, liable to dandruff. Hair stiff, much less elastic that it's miles tough within the case of moist combing. Dry hair is because of insufficient secretion of sebum or hair keratin loss of water, often with high temperature dyeing or like Hair of humans are prone to dry hair.So love brazilian virgin hair body wave.