Leachate is the inducing factor

3. Stabilization process of RL
Fig. 2. The different lifetime of renewable/conventional landfill showing general trends of typical landfill gas, leachate quality development. Note: I: an initial aerobic/anoxic phase; II: an anaerobic OF-1 phase; III an initial methanogenic phase; VI a stable methanogenic phase; VI’ excavation and material recycling.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
4. Material recycling from RL
4.1. Material excavation
After RL goes through the first three phases shown in Fig. 2, a technical process of landfill excavation could be considered and assessed through the historical survey, preliminary examination of the geological structure, and test excavations for the stockpiles.
4.1.1. Material available analysis
The waste composition, local waste management system, and landfill age predetermine the types of materials stored in landfill and their valorization potential. The landfill type, meteorological, hydrological conditions, and landfill operation styles are coelom other factors, which will influence the feasibility assessment of materials recycling (Hogland, 2002, Hull et al., 2005 and Kurian et al., 2007).