The Most Popular Weapons of the Martial Arts

The weapons used in martial arts are of course an interesting topic for individuals who like either martial arts or weapons. Hobbyists across the world collect these weapons. People have a natural awe for martial arts weapons. It can just be a hobby that an individual does for the fun of it. Or, you may enjoy actually trying your own skills at using popular martial arts weapons. The current fads usually are not way too different than those of earlier times. The pop culture of martial arts weapons changes from time to time, but the following are usually hot items..

Nunchakus: Believe it or not, nunchakus were not originally created as a weapon. Their original purposes was to grind rice. In time, weapon applications developed and when they made their movie debut in the Bruce Lee movies of the early 1970s, they became the quintessential martial arts weapons.

Samurai Sword: It took a while, but the samurai sword took over as the most popular martial arts weapon due to popular films. Surprisingly, the samurai sword had been fading from popularity for quite some time.

The Katana: You probably know this as the "short sword". It's a popular secondary weapon of choice for those who use a samurai sword. It has a small, but dedicated following.

Arnis/Escrima/Kali Sticks: In case you are hooked on blunt weaponry, popular since you can safely train with such devices, these Filipino weapons of choice for the martial arts are lots of fun.

The Staff: The staff is another one of those weapons which was popular for quite some time as it can be translated into anything which can be regarded as a long blunt weapon such as a pool cue or a broom stick. Clearly you wouldn't learn how to use a staff so that you can dominate an attacker, but perfecting the staff can give you the benefit of counter-surprise when you find yourself assaulted.

The Three-Sectional Staff: The martial arts movie classic, "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin", took the three-sectional staff from hardly used to a favored weapon for many people. You could describe the three-sectional staff as part nunchakus, part staff .

Shuriken: When ninja films became popular in the 1980s, shuriken throwing stars became equally popular for individuals who love the martial arts. While you do have to marvel at the design of these edged weapons, you also have to realize they are very dangerous and meant to hurt people. This is often the case with ninja weapons since they are grounded in assassination skills.

The Butterfly Swords: Curiosity about these weapons has grown thanks to renewed interest in the art of Wing Chun kung fu. Simple Ways To Achieve Maximum Results With Mixed Martial Arts Or MMA In order to have an understanding of the art, you need to have an understanding of the use of these swords.

The Bow and Arrow: Zen archery is painstakingly difficult to master and this is certainly the true joy of it. The martial arts aspect of using a bow and arrow is found in knowing the concentration and patience required to be able to continuously hit your target.

These are just some of the most popular martial arts weapons these days. All of these have their value and all can be a lot of fun to master.