UMT starts e-learning in marine science to attract international students - Nation

SETIU: In a move to lure more international students to the field, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) has introduced Internet learning for its marine science subject.

UMT vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Nor Aieni Mokhtar said that by using sophisticated advancements in communication and information technology, the global community would benefit from UMTs research in the field of marine science.

This is one way we can increase our funds to conduct more research in marine science, especially concerning turtles which are the main focus of the university.

Through learning modes such as the Internet, I am very convinced that more people will follow it and it would attract their interest to collaborate with UMT in the conservation programme for turtles and other marine life, she said.

She was speaking to reporters after her visit to the UMT turtle research station in Chagar Hutang, near Redang Island here, with 70 participants of the Turtle Conservation Seminar and Workshop.

She said the UMT turtle research station had achieved much success since its efforts to conserve the animal began in 1993.

This success must be shared with the outside community and the research findings, which will be documented, will become their reference to study the subject formally, through e-learning facilities provided by the university.

This is also part of the universitys efforts to obtain more funds for research, she said. Bernama