Everything you must know about ArcheAge


Due to the fact ArcheAge 1.0 (and actually presently prior to that), this evaluation is not really Completely Correct Anymore. Many things have changed, for superior or for worse, and are not stated during the new detail in in this article.

This thread continue to provides a decent overview more than most mechanics and gameplay features, nonetheless it ignores 1.0 changes.


Also, as I'm only a man or woman, this incorporates a large amount of Opinions. For those who disagree with these, just overlook them :)


ArcheAge Evaluation

That which you must find out about ArcheAge


Post one:


 ->The ArcheAge Planet

 -> Beat

 -> Lessons

 -> Conclusion: Lessons and Combat

 -> Leveling

 -> Conclusion: Leveling

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Article 2:


 ->Ships, Motor vehicles and Mounts

 -> Summary: Ships, Automobiles and Mounts

 -> PvP

 -> Factions

 -> Liberty Island

 -> Northern Continent

 -> Sieges

 -> Battlegrounds

 -> Honor Details

 -> OpenPvP Challenges

 -> Conclusion: PvP


Article three:



 -> Crafting then and now

 -> Fishing, Mining, Composing, Trading and Training

 -> Conclusion: Crafting, Farming and Professions


Article four:



 -> Piracy

 -> Housing: Starbox, Ollo Cinema

 -> Economic climate

 -> Conclusion: Housing and Investing

 -> PvE

 -> Kraken

 -> Gliding, Checking out and Touring

 -> Summary: PvE and normal stuff


Publish 5:


So... Could it be a sandbox?

 -> KR Local community

 -> Stories from Korean ArcheAge

 -> User Interface & AddOns

 -> Graphics

 -> The Problem with Free To Play in Korea

 -> Link list

 -> Conclusion

 -> Closing Words




Hello guys,



after all the years I've been waiting for ArcheAge I finally got the chance to play it. I am playing the game since about march and have had a great deal of fun with it. Because Trion is now finally starting to get at least some information out, I decided to write a overview about the game for all the brand new players that are becoming more and more interested into the game.

This is a try to get rid of all the misinformation about the game and to educate new group members. This just isn't a detailed guide about every gameplay aspect, it is meant for people who don't have a chance to play it but nevertheless want to know what this game is about.


I am currently enjoying the game, even though it has flaws I am going to point out, and that means that everything in this assessment will have a positive bias. Although this is a personal overview, I will try to be as objective as possible, but as most of you know this is pretty hard, so please excuse me if there is anything wrong.

Also, as the game progresses and more updates are incoming, I will try to keep this evaluate as updated as possible. Items can change and I will acknowledge that. Same goes for commpleteness: I will update this assessment with more and more content and even re-write certain parts depending on feedback.


Another important point: I don't claim to know everything, I tend to make mistakes as any other human being. In the event you find any flaws, please point them out and I will change the overview.