Room temperature ionic liquids RTILs have received much attention

Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) have received much attention in many areas of chemistry and industry due to their potential as a ‘‘green” recyclable alternative to traditional organic solvents. Because of their properties such as high polarity, negligible vapor pressure, air and water stability, high ionic conductivity and thermal stability, RTILs can be used in catalysis, as inert solvents in electrochemistry for polymer synthesis and in the AZD2014 of enzymatic reactions to organic media [11], [12] and [13].
In the present work, we designed a new CdSe QDs-based fluorometric method for H2O2 and glucose detection with [(1,3-Pr2im)Br]/copper as catalyst. The fluorescence of CdSe QDs would be quenched by H2O2 more quickly and efficiently in the presence of [(1,3-Pr2im)Br]/copper as catalyst. Glucose can be further detected via coupling the oxidization of glucose by glucose oxidase with the fluorescence 'AZD2014' quenching of CdSe QDs by H2O2 producer with [(1,3-Pr2im)Br]/copper catalyst (see Fig. 1).