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Fluorescence experiments
Human serum and SJB3-019A samples
Fresh human serum and urine samples were supplied by Danesh Laboratory (Babol, Iran). The serum samples were used directly and diluted 10 times with PBS. The fresh human serum samples were first analyzed with a BT3000 Biochemical Analyzer, which used spectrophotometric method combined with the enzymatic reaction of GOD and HRP [26]. The samples were then re-assayed with the proposed method as described above in Section “Fluorescence experiments”. The urine samples were stored at 4 °C for 24 h, then filtered through Millipore filters or centrifuged to remove cellular materials and any precipitate that had formed during storage. Aliquots were diluted to 10 times and applied for analysis. Glucose analysis had been done as described above in Section “Fluorescence experiments”. The results of urine analysis (proposed method) were compared with the Urinalysis reagent strips.
Results and discussion