Fig xA The influences of co feed O

To set the results in context, we additionally prepared CoZSM-5SMI(15) by SMI. As shown in Fig. 1, CoZSM-11SMI(15) is more active than CoZSM-5SMI(15). The N2O conversions over these catalysts at 400 °C are 64.9% and 42.1%, respectively.
Because the Co contents of these catalysts are not exactly the same, in particular for those with different Si/Al ratios (Table 1), we computed the specific rates (expressed as moles of N2O converted per LY 294002 of Co per hour) achieved at 375 °C. As shown in Table 1, the specific rates of CoZSM-11 catalysts prepared by WIE increases from 1.17 to 1.25 then to 1.40 h−1 when the Si/Al ratio decreases from 36 to 25 and then to 15. CoZSM-11SMI(15) and CoZSM-11BUF(15) show higher specific rates of 2.31 and 1.60 h−1, respectively, whereas CoZSM-11IMP(15) shows the lowest specific rate of 0.10 h−1. In addition, CoZSM-11SMI(15) with a specific rate of 2.31 h−1 is nucleotides more active than CoZSM-5SMI(15) with a specific rate of 1.54 h−1.