Neat TiO shows the characteristic absorption sharp edge rising

Table 1.
BET specific area and total pore volume of CP868596 materials.SampleSBET (m2 g−1)Vp (cm3 g−1)GO210.003CNT1550.61TiO21180.11GO-TiO2-41100.17CNT-TiO2-4590.15CNT- TiO2-201520.48Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3.2. SEM and TEM analysis
SEM analysis was performed for the visualization of the morphology of the different materials. Representative SEM micrographs of neat TiO2 (Fig. 1a), GO-TiO2-4 (Fig. 1c), CNT-TiO2-4 (Fig. 1e) and CNT-TiO2-20 (Fig. 1g) clearly reveal the differences in the morphology of the materials. In the case of neat TiO2 (Fig. 1a), spherical-like TiO2 particles aggregate to form larger particles (as confirmed at higher magnifications, Fig. 1a inset). Images of GO-TiO2-4 (Fig. 1c) show a good dispersion of TiO2 particles on both sides of the GO layers. In the case of CNT-TiO2 materials (Fig. 1e and Fig. 1g), clusters of TiO2 particles surrounding CNT are endoderm observed.
Fig. 1. SEM (a, c, e, g) and TEM (b, d, f, h) images of neat TiO2 (a, b), GO-TiO2-4 (c, d), CNT-TiO2-4 (e, f) and CNT-TiO2-20 (g, h).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide