Immobilization of N doped TiO on glass spheres Pyrex

3.3. Photocatalytic activity tests
3.3.1. Dark adsorption and photolysis of MB and EBT in presence of glass spheres
Prior to the photocatalytic removal, the dark adsorption and the photolysis of MB and EBT in presence of uncoated glass spheres were evaluated. The concentration of MB and EBT was 5 mg L−1 for both dyes.
In Fig. 7, the adsorption of dyes was studied by passing each dye solution through glass spheres under dark conditions until it NSC 74859 gets the constant value. After 10 min, it was observed a decrease of concentration of dyes, equal to 7 and 5% for MB and EBT, respectively. Then, dyes concentration started to increase, reaching a decrease of 4 and 3% for MB and EBT, respectively, after 30 min and excretion value was almost the same up to 1 h. The decrease in concentration of dyes was due to the adsorption of dye on the surface of glass spheres.
Fig. 7. Dark adsorption of MB and EBT on uncoated glass spheres.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide