In LED business perspective Tetra seven "most"

Initial, finest high-quality (variable message sign)


Dicolor LED industry stands at greater than ten years, has usually insisted on higher good quality line, the production of high-grade LED products, the pursuit of item function stability, image clarity and ease of operation. Depend on the high-quality assurance marketplace, relying on excellent to achieve stability and improvement.


Second, the ideal solutions


Dicolor set up at all levels in the domestic and international branches and agents set up the system, and progressively authorized service organization in the world. Now Dicolor already have greater than one particular sub-centers of domestic sales, international sales sub-centers in the international level, as well as the establishment of authorized service organizations in several countries and regions. Continue to narrow the distance with prospects, service is extra direct, a lot more handy.



Third, one of the most reasonably priced price


Moment, LED industry an increasing number of enterprises, increasing production charges, several businesses goods value fluctuations somewhat huge, you can find some companies due to the brand and continue to raise prices, causing confusion in the market. Dicolor has not been involved in this smoke, retain your value criteria, to ensure product top quality, when giving clients with the most cost-effective price.


Fourth, the evaluation with the finest (EN12966)


Dicolor has often insisted on high quality initially, customer-oriented principle, to ensure that every item is qualified, and every single time services are practical, rest assured clients to buy the solution, use the product worry, consequently Lian-cheng produced in recent years to collect to shoppers around the wide acclaim.


Fifth, the latest technology and gear


Dicolor has higher precision LED semiconductor packaging automatic production gear, 60,000 regular clean production plant and comprehensive anti-static system device.


Sixth, the lightest box


Dicolor complete color rental show light design, 500 * 500mm box and weighs less than 3kg, only six kilograms of finished screen, with 1 hand can mention. Saving shipping costs, and handy loading and unloading carry.


Seven, installation fastest


Dicolor complete colour rental display, box up and down about the connection with speedy locking mechanism, ten seconds to finish the installation of a box, higher precision installation; Enclosure slit accuracy of 0.05mm, the entire screen to attain correct seamless to meet the specifications at any time.