In order to clarify the charge transfer

Fig. 9. XPS of cerium in 5.7 wt.% CeOx/BiVO4 before and after photocatalytic reaction.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
According to the XPS analysis above (Fig. 4(E)), the cerium species maintained the mixed chemical state after the photoreaction though having some difference, which implies that the AM580 reaction of cerium maybe do exist. The continuous electron capture function of cerium appeared to be another important function of cerium oxides in the heterojunction nanostructure to improve the photocatalytic performance of glucagon BiVO4. The main reactions were concluded as follows:equation(1)BiVO4+hν→eCB−+hVB*                    CeO2+hν→eCB−+hVB*equation(2)Ce(OH)4+eCB−→Ce(OH)3                                Ce(OH)3+O2→Ce(OH)4equation(3)H2O+hVB+→OH+H+equation(4)OH+OH→H2O2OH+OH→H2O2equation(5)H2O2+OH−→O2H+H2OH2O2+OH−→O2H+H2O