The crystallographic structure of all the as prepared

AcknowledgementsThis work was partly supported by National Natural Science Foundation (21306067), Industry High Technology Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BE2013090), Doctoral Innovation Fund of Jiangsu (KYLX_1065), Science & Technology Foundation of Zhenjiang (SH2012011 and GY2012048) and Innovation and entrepreneurship train program (201410299054Y), China.
Appendix A. Supplementary dataThe following are Supplementary data to this AZ3146 article:
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BiVO4; AgCl; Photocatalytic; Photoelectrochemical; Z-scheme
1. Introduction
2. Experimental
2.1. Chemicals
Bismuth nitrate pentahydrate (Bi(NO3)3·5H2O, 98%) and ammonium vanadate (NH4VO3, 99.0%) were purchased from Afla Aeser and used without further purification. Silver nitrate (AgNO3), ferric chloride (FeCl3) and ammonium oxalate ((NH4)2C2O4) were obtained from Sinopharm Chemical Reagent (Shanghai, China) and used as received. All aqueous solutions were prepared with ultrapure water (>18.2 MΩ cm) from a tropism Milli-Q Plus system (Millipore). All glassware used in the following procedures were cleaned in a bath of freshly prepared 3:1 HCl:HNO3 (aqua regia) and rinsed thoroughly by ultrapure-water prior to use.