100% baby cashmere yarn

This is one kind of more luxury cashmere and we mainly promote in this season and pls check more information as below:

Baby cashmere is the ultimate premium fiber derived from the kid cashmere goat. Prior to the animal reaching 12 months old, the softest and

finest fibres which are found on the shoulder and flanks are collected humanely. A single goat will only ever acheive a maximum of a mere

30 grams of baby cashmere in its lifetime. The average micron of the fiber is 13um to 14um and the length is from 34 to 36 mm making baby

cashmere noticeably warmer and softer than even the best traditional cashmere. Baby cashmere production is mainly concentrated in the

grasslands of the western part of Inner Mongolia where production does not exceed 50tons per annum making this a most rare and precious

commodity all around the world that is unique to China.