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The leaf area index (LAI) estimates are peak values from the MODIS LAI (MOD15A2) product. The normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) is based on daily in-situ measurements (Section 2.3). The rainy season starts and ends at the first and final day of year with rain. DOY is day of year, NEE is net AC 55541 exchange, GPP is gross primary productivity, and Reco is ecosystem respiration.Year2010201120122013Air temperature (°C)27.928.328.128.7Rainfall (mm)650.3486.0606.0355.2Species count36353230Peak LAI2. NDVI0.680.640.610.65Annual sum NDVI75768477Rainy season sum NDVI41405348Rainy season start (DOY)174176176182Rainy season end (DOY)267278289291Rainy season length (days)93102113109Peak dry weight above ground herbaceous Biomass (g C m−2)236111103133Peak dry weight below ground herbaceous Biomass (g C m−2)142676280Peak dry weight total herbaceous Biomass (g C m−2)378178165213NEE budgets (g C m−2)−336 ± 29−247 ± 46−227 ± 22−273 ± 20GPP budgets (g C m−2)−1263 ± 45−1035 ± 47−1072 ± 51−935 ± 34Reco budgets (g C m−2)852 ± 100776 ± 116826 ± 100637 ± 187Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV