The Daily 202: New Hampshire Collision Course as Trump Holds First Town Hall Meeting

My friend Kawther Asad gets upset when people make assumptions about her based on her hijab."They should see how the true Muslim women are," Kawther said. "There are so many Muslim women that are doing great things, and it's just a cloth on our head. It doesn't stop us from going to school and getting our education.

"Yusor was in dental school, and that just shows how much we can do and how much we can go and help with charity and help with kids and everything. This white bustier top on our heads doesn't stop us."Kawther's talking about Yusor Abu-Salha. She and her little sister Razan were victims of the Chapel Hill shootings. They are heroes to me and many other young Muslim women because of the way they embraced their hijab and their faith.

Rafia likes to quote a tweet Yusor sent out to explain her feelings about wearing the head scarf: "Hijab is my constant reminder that we aren't living for this world.""That part really stuck to me," Rafia said. "And it's just a big reminder that we aren't living for this world, and we shouldn't focus so much on the goods in this life, that we should really just live for God and do our best to try and get paradise in the hereafter."