The basic knowledge of cone crusher operation


Because of the bad cone crusher work environments, if slightly do not pay attention to in the process of operation, will lead to all sorts of problems in running, so small make up for all the basic knowledge of cone crusher operation were summarized, in order to help you correct operating equipment in the production.

1.Properly adjust the firmness

Spring cone crusher pressure wants moderate, if too tight, the stress is easy to broken shaft accident, if the spring too loose, pressure is too small will cause the spring often beats, affect the normal work of the cone crusher, and make the product granularity coarsens.

Cone crusher drive belt firmness wants moderate, if the drive belt is installed too close, will cause the shaft rotation is not flexible, or rupture, if the drive belt is installed too loose, is not normal transmission, not operating to provide enough power for equipment, affect the normal production of the equipment.

2.To do a good job of lubrication equipment

Lubrication temperature not too high or too low, the equipment is easy to cause high operation temperature rise too high, cause bearing lock, etc. Temperature is too low to make poor lubricating oil flow, normal lubrication of imaging equipment.

In production to pay attention to replace lubricating oil regularly, if oil deterioration will accelerate gear and bowl watts, bushing wear, and even death in shaft sleeve research, so we should ensure that the lubricating oil clean.

3.Proper operation

Cone crusher should be sequentially starting and stopping, the equipment should be no-load starting, for smooth operation rear can feed, should pay attention to in the production of overload operation is prohibited. Outage should stop before charging, standby inner material emptying all rear can stop.

Cone break feed uniformly in the work, if will appear uneven feed production capacity is reduced, product size is too large. At the same time pay attention to the feeding cannot too wet too sticky, fine, not too much material particle size also cannot too big, otherwise it will cause stuffy car, of course, if the material cannot successful eduction, can also cause cone crusher stuffy car, so we should timely adjust the discharging mouth size depending on the situation.