Questions on sleep facial mask

There are various troubles and questions when we use a kind of product. Of course, there are so many questions for skincare products supplier in China too. Now we can list some questions about the sleep facial mask and we can share some ideas if you read this article.


Question 1: Can we apply it every day and is it just used in night? The answer is applying it every day is okay. Sleep mask with gold repair capacity, is more beautiful skin more sleep promoter. Of course, the skill is not limited to night; facial masks wholesale manufacturer said that work during the day can be made, when no makeup nap can be a thick layer before putting. Good night beauty mask deposited every day is absolutely no problem, but in order to allow the skin to have a self-repair capacity, it is best to use 2-3 times a week.


Question 2: Sleep mask is very easy to make sheets, pillows dirty? The answer is the amount of not too much, and so little did sleep. It is just like the healthy tea from China health protection tea supplier. We should make the right number of them.