Industrial Sealers To Increase Productivity

Packaging of product is very important for all kinds of industries. For food packing, medicines sealing, electronics and all manufacturing industries packaging is needed, which keeps material safe and gives attractive look to the product.  In the market many types of packagers are available. But mainly two types of sealers are used, namely:


1. Direct Heat sealer and

 2. Impulse Heat sealers


Impulse heat sealers were mostly used in 1970’s for packaging and nowadays it’s more popular for sealing poly bags in many applications.Sealersof Impulse heat works on a controlled impulse of electricity passing through a Nichrome wire element which heats up faster and seals the pouch. This heating process can take anywhere from a second to a few seconds and depending on the temperature and thickness requirements of the material to be sealed. For Medical application impulse heat sealers should utilize either current/resistance based control or thermocouple-based system. Impulse heat sealer heats up and cools down very quickly. Impulse packagers are most easy to use as it is easy to operate and inexpensive. Lamination machines are also impulse heat sealers. It is easy to cut, laminate seal plastic material because of high precise control of parameters.


High Quality Industrial Impulse Sealer has several benefits like no rejection and increase in productivity because of high quality controlled techniques precision heat-sealing can be controlledthrough impulse method is now easily available. There is no need of extra warm-up time. These kinds of impulse sealers are available in many sizes depending on the applications.


 Long-Size Impulse Sealer is basically required for industries for packaging of big size materials in poly bags. It saves money as no rejection and less power requirement as compared to direct heat sealers. These can be available in automatic, semi automatic and manual operation modes.


Depending on your requirements you can easily approach and choose sealers needed.