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RcBazaar was launched to cater to the fast growing market of what we call a passion. In simple terms it’s the vast world of radio controlled model aircrafts and helicopters. It’s a world that offers you the power to fly – in your hand.

At RcBazaar we currently stock a huge range of electric planes, electric gliders balsa, fibreglass and foam planes. Our core focus has also been on helicopters, motors, accessories and spare parts and our stocks are the largest in India till date in this segment. In the future we also plan to introduce RC cars, boats and more – for you to enjoy life even better.

For the first time in India at RcBazaar website you will notice that we have a Realtime Stock Control System in place. Which will always show you at a glance what exactly is in stock and what is not, and what is in transit (green in sock, orange in close to getting out of stock and red is out of stock). We recognize this as an important facet of enjoying your hobby – the worst thing is placing an order and then finding out the next day that the model or spare part you wanted is no longer available.

Another first time ever in India on this website, is that we have incorporated a Dynamic Weight Calculator System. In other words it’s basically a Money Saver. For instance, all courier agencies normally ship in round figures, 500 gms, 1 kilogram, etc., so if you buy a model or spare part that weighs 300 gms, you still have 200 gms worth of shipping, so you can buy something that you may that fits into the remaining weight, and that part in a sense is shipped free of cost – we only charge you for what you have ordered and our system will list you the items within this 200 gms free shipping weight.

All that we can now say is browse our site choose what you want and kick start your life into a passion!

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