Sinorock is an experienced manufacture of anchoring products

Sinorock is an experienced manufacture of anchoring products,It's specialized in the development,production and sales of anchoring products.Self drilling hollow bar is the core product of Sinorock.

Self drilling hollow bar system is extensively used for anchoring in poor ground,cohesive and non-chhesive soils and unconsolidable boreholes.Weathered rock,gravel layer,backfill,hard conglomerates.It's espiecilly used in tunneling,mining,avalanche protection structures.This hollow bar can be installed easily in all derections,aslo upwards.

Self drilling hollow bar system is composed by anchor nut,anchor plate,anchor coupler,hollow anchor bar,drill bit.This system allows a variety of harder drill bits for quick drilling in solid rock mass,which is precision-machined combination anchor drill of high-grade steel,specially moderated to enture clean,close-fitting holes and plated to resist rust and corrosion.

Eight sharp cutting teeth can drill into masonry materials at a fantastic speed and without fouling solution for unstable ground conditions such as sand,silt and clays,and in soft to medium non-cohesive formations.

This kind of product can be applied for temporary and permanent support in relatively good ground conditions,espiecially for hard rock,horizontal bedding and jointing fissures with mud,which increases the durability and sturdiness of surrounding rock by the way of prestressing on the hollow bar and it can provide permenent support by grouting.

It has a lot of important features in the following:
1.Improving active tension by preventing wall rock from deforming to support rapidly.
2.It can provide both permenent and temporary support.
3.Being used for immediate and safe support in rapid construction.
4.The loss of prestressing an corrosion of the anchor bolt can be further avoided with the method of hollow injection grouting.Aslo,it can suppress the occurance and development of rock burst efficiently.

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