Kim Kardashian is a parfum made of luminous, sweet starting notes, intoxicating, floral midst notes and sensual, sexy aromas in a base. An opening con

Kim Kardashian (model, actress) introduced a fragrance named after her in 2009. The aroma comes to a luxurious flacon and includes such scents as tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, tonka, jacarandi wood and sandalwood. Available as 30, 50 and 100ml edp. Perfumer of the release is Claude Dir. Besides Kim Kardashian perfume signature in a dark flacon introduced in 2009, another two lovely flacons to carry within a purse are introduced. Kim Kardashian is usually a scent constructed of luminous, sweet beginning notes, intoxicating, floral middle notes and sensual, sexy aromas in a base. An opening contains refreshing notes of mandarin enclosed with floral-lemon honeysuckle and orange blossom, while a center blooms with tuberose, pink jasmine, gardenia and spices. Bottom is created of warm, gentle Tonka, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, sexy musk and creamy sandalwood. I am astonished at how much I ended up adoring this aroma. Its so versatile, yet so delicate and elegant, so wearable all year round, even in the hottest of months. I cant think of an occasion that this is inappropriate for, but its the most perfect each day tuberose. Endurance approximately 6-7 hours, very good sillage for the first 3-4 hrs prior to getting to be a courteous amber-floral skin aroma with some soap. Ive only utilized it in really hot summer months conditions up to now, i really dont experience how it fares in colder months. Its more of an adult odor, but by mature I mean feminine and sensual instead of girly and coquettish. I dont wish to sound petty...this fragrance is so excellent for my each day use that it could be my signature. Kim K has good taste in aromas, and Claude Dir do a great job with this potion. I will still be shopping for these items, its too good to pass up. When opened it I liked the bottle but when I first smelled the actual perfume I wasnt pleased. It turned out rather floral. After i read the notes I noticed that this was the tuberose i was smelling. After giving it several days of trial I began to totally love it. I love this smell.Out of all my scents this really is my preferred.The ad is lovely I love the old Hollywood vibe to it.Its tastefully done and Kim looks beautiful from it.The aroma is a perfect Tuberose and gardenia fagrance with that Vanilla Orchird.I like the way odours in my skin it is just not in excess of powering its just right.I really like this perfume a lot.This is certainly genuinely a very attractive and well done fragrance females of ages can love this.Kudos to Kim for not going the fruity floral pink juice route. I am not very sure whether all the white flowers will work together or competing against each other here but gardenia and tuberose often shine probably the most. Personally i think like they make the odor fresh, of course sweet, and old-fashioned. In some way, I smell some thing fruity like Muscadine here, which helps getting the aroma into the todays world. The drydown is attractive Oriental essentially when every one of the flowers are not as strong. Not really for younger group. I suggest it for young professional and/or school grads, who happens to like white flowers perfume.