Valentino Flat Sandals inner sole

 write an "S" on the sole of my left shoe (generally I go over the S in Sansha mark) or in the Valentino Flat Sandals inner sole. The reason of the "S" is that in Italian "left" is "sinistra".

Take off all the things you won't use, as labels and elastic bands Valentino Flat Shoes On Sale (I don't like the transparent band Sansha sews on the pointes, it always breaks my stockings.).

Put on you stockings Valentino Rockstud Slingback Pumps and toe pads and everything you use for pointe work. Then put your foot in the shoe.

Go en pointe. You obviuosly now that know the shoe isn't in touch with your foot's arch. No problem, you'll break your shoe later. Valentino

Put two safety pins in the Valentino Pumps Stud spots of the shoe where your arch feet is higher.

(Please note that in two of the images it seems that the notes on the image can't stay in the right spot. I don't know why.)I'm not quite sure who taught you these things but a few of these things are dangerous Valentino Sneakers and actually doing bad things to your shoes and technique. The ribbon that thin does not give enough support and hence why