The Connection Between Hubs and The Spaces in Which They’re Created

As men and women have shared their Hubbing areas with us, we have been shocked by the extent to which they mirror the Hubs they produce. Take, for instance, this pretty nook belonging toESPeck1919, which she introduces thusly:

Ive often cherished receiving a peek into other peoples creativeness places and sharing my own. A very little little bit about mine this is the closing outcome of seeking to put with each other a more formal writing/crafting location for myself for a range of decades. These drawers keep a wide range of jewelry building and miscellaneous crafting provides, and the matter in the upper remaining hand corner of the photograph is my inspiration board. There is also a basil plant for clean basil leaves and to improve creativity, and my minimal oil burner for when I will need some aromatherapy.

ESPeck1919, who writes about herbs and the Regulation of Attraction (among other matters), reveals some of her passions by way of this place (what with the inspiration board and basil). We marvel if the crafting provides are a indication of some crafting Hubs on the horizon, too!

ESPeck 1919 is absolutely not the only Hubber to surround herself with objects that manifest themselves in her Hubs. Outbound Dan (who writes wonderful backpacking and outdoors Hubs) Hub from park benches overlooking rivers and CyclingFitness (who writes awesome Hubs onc bikes and biking) Hub from bicycles (at the very least, the brainstorming and outlining section of Hubbing). Evidently their Hubbing areas tie in with their Hubs as effectively!

What does your Hubbing place say about the Hubs you publish? Let us know on Fb, Twitter (hashtag #YourHubbingSpace), and Google+, or send me an e-mail at Simone.Smith (at)

[Many thanks for sharing your Hubbing space, ESPeck1919!]