Smach Zero: $300 handheld Steam Machine game console coming in 2016

The first gaming computers designed to run Valves Steam OS should start shipping and delivery this fall. Want any Steam machine thats a new extra portable? Your Smach Zero can always be a handheld game console seems a bit being a PlayStation Portable, however it posseses an x86 processor, Steam OS software, and also Steam Controller-style buttons as well as configurable touchpads on the sides.

The Smach Zero (formerly identified since the Steamboy) increases for pre-order inside November for $300, nevertheless it wont truly begin shipping until 2016.


The handheld game system features and AMD G-Series Steppe Eagle processor, AMD graphics, 4GB of RAM, and also 32GB regarding storage, in addition an SD card reader with regard to additional storage.

It has a 5 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel display and HDMI output in the event you want to experience games about a big screen. the system supports WiFi along with Bluetooth and the lot importantly, it runs Valves Linux-based os with support regarding downloading as well as playing games in the Steam Store.

This is truly a portable device in which possibly isnt going to be able to handle bleeding edge games, but it will end up being effective at operating older titles as well as some much less resource-intensive new games. That could additionally help make an appealing option for folks searching to use Steams in-home streaming service.

That would permit a person set up an even more effective PC like a Steam game console and then stream games more than a house network towards the Smach Zero so that you can play in a various room. In Which setup allows the greater potent PC handle your number crunching to ensure that you can play video games that may not normally function using the handhelds low-power processor.

via Ars Technica as well as Polygon