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According to Fifa 16 Coins the newest winter Mata does not suit the next trainer will go into "Juventus". Suitable if the Spaniard Serie A -a moot factor, but the factor that even 85 factors for the existing pads too much - the truth.34 Petr Cech (85)Our next applicant for FIFA 15 which clearly have tossed an additional factor or two, is experiencing identical issues with Casillas, butstill a different type.

Compared with the Spaniard, Czech does not execute at all.Of course, the designers could not estimate the course of believed and activity features, but the scenario when the trainer draws out of fight with "Atletico" the best goalkeeper of the Language year and guarantees to be sure to discover a younger challenger Cech place on the place, just was aware. Consequently, to clearly reserve, remains its place due to age and accidents, to take a position for afew factors above Iker, Gigi Buffon and even Salvatore Sirigu in an unusual way.12 Radamel Falcao (88)Brilliant activity forthe Colombian "Atletico" and especially for "Port" we will keep in mind for years. But kupivshis cash "Monaco", Falcao,there is a edition in the development ceased. Severe stress, which staying six many months without football player, becamea type of ideal France striker suffering. All now his name in the viewpoint of the best players of our lives described byinertia rather than actually.To navigate the player went to 'MJ' to execute critical mission: to get back the popularity of the team and simultaneously his own.

We wish Fifa Coins, of course, Radamel success, however these days 88 factors, even for a secondscorer in the history of the Colombian nationwide group, - too.4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (90)The Swede is certainly excellent.Before the death of a pity that less than two decades after he retires: football razrozhdaetsya such as Ibra, once in acentury. Wherever Zlatan talked, he always exposed a awesome activity and provides the outcome here and now.