A number of indicators LED display driver chip

A good LED show, is inseparable from great driver chips, so-called scales leave the mound, mound leave the scales, LED display driver chips no very good, so it can be difficult to reach the right show.


In China, the chip is technically nonetheless reasonably scarce, numerous LED chips also have to back the introduction of foreign imports, but additionally simply because together with the driver chips, LED show may have a higher power, lengthy life, environmental positive aspects superiority. It is actually precisely simply because These advantages might be many common people really should be transported. Hence the value of LED show driver chip for is imagined, so as so crucial, because the production of LED display manufacturers And ways to opt for a good driver chip? Only superior matching driver IC, LED display benefits It will likely be reflected most vividly, especially from the following six aspects will likely be explained:(mobile vms)


1. Driver IC nominal input voltage variety should meet DC 8 ~ 40V, to cover a wider application requires.


2. Driver IC output current requirement is greater than the nominal 1.two ~ 1.5A.


three. Driver IC output existing have to be kept continual, so that the LED show to stabilize light, doesn't flash.


The driver chip anti-EMI, noise and high stress capability can also be associated for the entire LED show items can p