No gender bag for customers

The so-called no gender bag is used in common for men and women. There is no particular packet belongs to a male or female characteristics. Now wholesale supplier of bag in China could supply this kind of bag for customers. What benefits of no gender bags are?


Women are increasingly out of place in future society and they are more eager reckless neat shape, but also more and more men are willing eager to show their own fashion taste. This neutral, no boundaries designed to mix and match all what can be personalized fashion pursuit. For example, if you buy China high-grade canvas printing bag with no gender characters, there would be no talk about it whether man or woman have it in street which will show another scene in the world. I like this kind of no gender bag for I don’t want to be judged by some special words.


So no gender pack bags are the future trend. Maybe one day, you will see no sex is a popular package on the street, but also a beautiful landscape! And we could buy various embroidery bags from China traditional embroidery bags wholesale for our daily use too.