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4. Results
4.1. Calibration and validation of GLIMCLIM
Fig. 2. Observed and model simulated mean and standard deviation (considering all days) and number of wet days (a day with rainfall greater than 1 mm) for each month of ARQ 197 year. The upper and lower rows represent the calibration and validation periods, respectively.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
4.2. Bias correction of the downscaled rainfall
Fig. 3 shows the performance of the frequency adaptation technique to match the frequency of the simulated rainfall when run by the CSIRO model with the observed rainfall for the calibration and validation periods. It was observed in this study that the FA technique was able to reduce the bias in the frequency of the rainfall well for both periods. FAQM was found reasonable to correct the bias in the simulated quantiles of the daily rainfall forced by different GCMs and multi-model ensemble outputs as shown in the Fig. 4.