My Issues With Word-press Styles

Everything began in the late 90's. I needed to place some information o-n my internet site. A diary. A listing of forthcoming events. I began with simple HTML. One-page, with areas for each post. We found out about by searching books in the library. Easy.

Then I found out about 'websites' and 'blogging.' Being intelligent, I picked Wordpress, the most used application. How smart, I thought. If you have the WYSIWYG editor going, anyone could put up a site. Very democratic.

This inspired my to create my outermost thoughts; o-n London, politics, and personal gripes. The Link includes more about the inner workings of this belief. As a webmaster, I watched to see Google index them. 'Here we go', I thought, 'quickly, my jewels of extrospection can fit in with the ages.'