What is cashmere yarn

Cashmere and Pashmina are words used for same type of wool. As per our knowledge, pashmina is the original word used in Asia specially in India , China, Tibet, Pakistan and Nepal. In U.S, U.K and other European countries Cashmere is more popular, so most of us might have listened Cashmere word more than Pashmina. But currently, pashmina word is also getting popular in U.K and other European countries. Few sources consider Cashmere as more pure than pashmina, in reality there is no difference between pashmina and cashmere. Both refer to same type of wool. But to get feel of Real and Pure Cashmere or Pashmina, you should buy 100% pure Cashmere products. In questions below we will refer to Pashmina and Cashmere words alternatively so these words means same on this page.

How product is manuctured?Try finding if pure pashmina scarf, What is cashmere yarn, shawl is woven using machines or if they are Hand Knitted. It is important to know that hand woven and hand knitted pashmina scarves are manuctured in different ways. Hand Woven means it is manuctured using some traditional machines, in India these machines are called KHADDIs which needs to be operated by hand instead of automatic weaving machines. Hand knitted means it is knitted by someone by hand and no machines are used. Hand knitted products look different from woven in their design.

We have chosen our manucturers after examining how they acquire cashmere wool and how they produce their products. Most of our cashmere products are produced in Scotland. Our manucturers directly buy cashmere from nomads in Tibet and Mongolia which means our cashmere is not adulterated. We want you to feel warmth, softness and design of our Cashmere before deciding to buy cheap products from somewhere else. If you already have scarf made from pashmina from someone else as soon as you receive our product you will find what a pure cashmere or pashmina is and how warm and soft it is to skin.

You need to know why some shops are selling Cashmere at low prices? Have a look at next point for detailed information.

Check return policy of shop from where you are buying. Can you rely on it if product is not good or can you return it if you are not satisfied.

What kind of colors they use to color Cashmere Products? Cashmere Products generally look beautiful with or without color. But coloring pure cashmere wool sometimes damages delicacy of cashmere bric. To get feel of pure and real cashmere we suggest that you try natural colored Cashmere which does not use any artificial colors.

Make sure you buy 100% pure cashmere.Generally when you go to many high street stores or supermarkets or most of web shops, you will find items marked as cashmere. Look at the labels to find out how much cashmere or pashmina is there in that product. Sometimes its just 10-20% of cashmere. There is no use of buying such product if you want to feel touch of pure cashmere. Some sell 70% pashmina and 30% silk to reduce price. Make sure how much pashmina or cashmere is present in product before you buy. If you want to buy something which keeps you warm in winter and which is very soft then go for 100% Pure Cashmere.

Womens Pure Cashmere Scarves

Mens Pure Cashmere Scarves

Initially in India, Nepal, China, Pakistan and other Asian countries, cashmere was only used for manucturing shawls or stoles. Pure Cashmere products are quite popular in India. But with Cashmere becoming popular in other countries, now a days it is used to manucture almost any kind of clothes like sweaters, socks etc.