the type of brazilian virgin remy hair


      1. Dry dandruff: dandruff, also known as wig. Is dead skin cells and sweat fashioned. Small white block, the human body without harm, no scent, no itch.brazilian front lace wig is great.

      2. Oily dandruff: dandruff this is authentic. Is lifeless skin cells and oil composition, odor, sense itchy, granular. probable to cause brazilian front lace wig loss or scalp infections and seborrheic folliculitis.

      3. Pathological dandruff: changed into chunks, large sheet. it is usually due to the chemical composition of the damage, or the frame because of a critical loss of certain trace elements.


 third, the purpose for the formation of dandruff

      Dandruff is a scalp ecological stability has been induced damage. In fact, a healthful scalp "environment" is the balance maintained through the three - oil, micro organism and metabolic balance. while the scalp oil secretion imbalance, scalp may be out of oil and come to be greasy; whilst the scalp environment plants imbalance, dangerous bacteria multiply, head itch phenomenon takes place; whilst the metabolism of the scalp cuticle too fast, it'll fall off the formation of dandruff.full lace wigs with baby hair is cheap now.