Eunice Escobar

(Paz de Ariporo, December 30, 1989) graduated in environmental engineering graduate in the University Foundation of San Gil - Unisangil and later research course in Project Management consulting and auditing of projects and operates of environmental, with business expertise and in the exercise of politics. In 2013 he produced his own business consulting and auditing of projects. For more info, click: Eunice Escobar Alcalde .

Eunice was born in Peace Ariporo, within the village Totumo Mountains, daughter of Gerardo Escobar Leon (RIP) and Alvarado Dorelis Bernal, could be the penultimate of 13 young children. Five (five) of my six (six) guys brothers live in the mountains of Totumo and are dedicated to livestock and agriculture on their farms; her sisters are linked professionally in the monetary sectors and health services division of Casanare.

He completed major and part of high college at the Simon Bolivar College Mountains Totumo, being recognized for their academic achievement and leadership aspects that make his life story, the important to decide to run for the office of mayor with the municipality of Paz de Ariporo ( Casanare).

In 2005 he completed high college in Yopal Braulio Gonzalez College exactly where he graduated with a Bachelor of Electronics Technician, in 2011 he graduated Environmental Engineering in the University of San Gil Foundation - Unisangil -

In creating his qualified life I have racked two camps as employed linked to an chance, for a short period of time to hydrocarbons sector; and on one more occasion, near the proselytizing political activity, joining many candidates and served towards the Departmental Assembly.

As an entrepreneur , he decided to make his personal consultancy and auditing of projects and operates of environmental nature; using a period of three years of tough perform. Do you want more? Visit: Eunice Escobar Centro democratico now.