Rapid synthesis of Isooctyl palmitate Under microwave irradiation

Isooctyl palmitate is a colorless transparent oil-like liquid high purity of ester, it of chemical stability and hot stability very good, it has good of run skin sex, and ductility and permeability, Isooctyl palmitate was widely for various human nursing varieties, can application Yu skin care oil emulsion (cream, and skin care oil, and anti-Sun products, and clean agent), and nursing sent supplies, and shaved must cream and Shu bath dew, it also can directly for senior lubricants of additives. Because of its huge market potential, research and development for this product has very important value and economic benefits. At present, the product's production in the country is limited, and it is based on catalytic esterification of synthesis technology, and works best with toluene-p-sulfonic acid as catalyst. But the slow response rate, elapsed time is too long, complex laboratory operations, and the resulting product is a yellowish, not many problems such as bleaching. To this end, we use microwave technology to study the synthesis of ISO-Octyl palmitate, a satisfactory result is obtained.
Synthesis of Isooctyl palmitate under microwave irradiation is a
A great way to filter out the optimum reaction conditions for: time 40min, acid Mole ratio of 3:2, power 30%, catalyst 0.2%, adequate water, yields of up to 98% per cent. Compared with the conventional heating methods, esterification reaction time is short, high yield, product processing operation streamline, is greatly to save energy and protect the environment. If it can be used in industrial production will have significant value, get the Green look.

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