What Are Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin supplements are those nutrients that are needed for the human body in case of certain deficiencies that may occur due to intake of food that is deficient in essential vitamins, proteins and other minerals necessary for the healthy growth of the body. These vitamin supplements help the body to re-energize by absorbing the necessary vitamins from these supplements thereby effectively getting rid of diseases or medical conditions that may arise due to deficiency of vitamins and other mineral constituents. The best vitamin supplements in India are being sold by many ecommerce sites such as GNC India, iOTH, Indianshealth.com and other health based websites or portals.


Indian Market For Vitamin Supplements

In India, the consumption of vitamins and dietary supplements registered an overall growth of 9% in terms of current value of sales in 2014. Indians as such are now looking for the best vitamin supplements in India to compensate for their lack of balanced diet and skipping meals due to their busy schedules. The changing lifestyle of the people in urban India is resulting in majority of people living in Indian cities to dine out instead of cooking wholesome meal that contains the required amount of vitamins and minerals. This fast food culture has resulted in deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the nourishment of the body.


The people as such are now compensating this deficiency by going for the best vitamin supplements in India that are now available in most of the pharmaceutical stores or are available from online ecommerce health portals or companies manufacturing vitamin supplements. The Indian nutraceutical product market that includes vitamin supplements is expected to reach a turnover of $4 billion by the end of 2018. According to Frost & Sullivan analysis, the penetration of nutraceuticals in India was around 15% in 2013.