At the end of day four chicks from each

Phase 2
For normal data (eye temperature), Apatinib repeated measures ANOVA was conducted with stressor condition (Control or Air puff) and social condition (mother present or mother absent) as within-subjects factors. Post hoc tests (Bonferroni) were conducted in the event of a significant interaction effect from an ANOVA, during which pretreatment and treatment periods were compared for each condition. For non-normal data (behavioural data), a Friedman test was conducted to determine whether there was a significant difference between the four conditions (Control without mother, Control with mother, Air puff without mother, Air puff with mother). If a receptacle significant difference was found, post hoc Wilcoxon signed-rank tests were conducted to determine where the difference was.
Spearman correlations were used to determine the presence of correlations between mothers' response to their chicks receiving an air puff (i.e. hen Phase 1 response to Air puff minus Phase 1 response to Control) and the difference in chick behaviour as a result of the presence of their mother during the air puff (i.e. chick Phase 2 response to Air puff with mother minus Phase 2 response to Air puff without mother).