Car maintenance is very important after the rain

Summer, rain always to give the city the temperature drop, people are a comfortable, cute car went through the wind and rain of the crime. The rain stopped, was doing maintenance to the car's time, or else the car moldy, bright lights and other symptoms may not come to you in trouble.

First, dehumidifier inside the car
In fact, dehumidification works in the rain when it should be done. Should open the cold when it rains, it cannot only remove the fog, there dehumidification function. The rain stopped even has to pay attention, to get rid of as soon as possible the accumulation of moisture or prone to mildew and other conditions. In addition to air conditioners dehumidify the car, the best dehumidifier to buying a simple box, so that after the car parts are not easy to camp overnight Car Repair Tool. Also inside the discharge roll of toilet paper also has the effect of dehumidification.

In addition to the rain and the doors welded body welded parts susceptible to rust corrosion, internal door hinges, lock and other iron parts are covered by the door trim, but also easy to damp, so the days when owners can find a shady where all the doors and trunk lid fully open, allowing moisture inside the car exhaust, ventilation, and then the car floor mats, seat covers removed, rinse dry.

Second, sterilization inside the car
Summer rain as the temperature and other factors relatively easy to breed a variety of bacteria so the interior space for disinfection sterilization is particularly important Car Diagnostic Tool. Where the focus should be clean seats, air-conditioning vents, in the control panel and around corners. You can use a professional car interior cleaner, wipe with a dry cloth.

Clean the center console when the cleaner to prevent infiltration of CD, speakers, radios and other electrical equipment corrosion of electrical components.

Third, the conservation of the chassis
High summer temperatures, coupled with rain water chassis vulnerable, gas, dust, noise, moisture will penetrate the body from tiny holes in the chassis, so that the body rust, flaking. So you want to do some maintenance work on the chassis after heavy rain.

In addition to simple cleaning, "sealed plastic chassis " is also a good choice. It enables the chassis and isolated, to corrosion, rust, soundproof function and prolong the life of the body. "sealed plastic chassis " before you want to use special detergent to remove the chassis attached to the asphalt, oil, and dry, any dirt will affect the firm's degree of plastic closures. Sealed plastic front, but also on the cooling part of the transmission system, the exhaust system is blocked, so as not to affect the normal operation of these sealed plastic components.

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