Employee engagement tactics


Employee engagement activities are basic activities to get the employees more interested, interactive, and participative in a way that it can lead to company growth and raise in bottom-line performance. It is to promote positive work force environment among employees. There are various activities and games that can be carried out to achieve the same. Few of them are listed below:


Encourage employees to speak up:

Employees always have their own opinion to share. Sometimes it happens that because of the fear of what might the superiors think they seldom voice their ideas. So here the superiors should step in and encourage their employees to speak up. They should be shown that as it’s their company too, their opinion matters and it’s a valuable contribution.


Reward them for a job well done:

It’s human nature to expect reward when some very important work is done. If the reward is presented, than it boosts the morale of the employee and they start working harder and with a new spirit. Reward shows that you respect and value your employees’ contribution to your cause. Such timely rewards for distinguished work are a good practice.


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Motivate them and appreciate their efforts:

Every time your employee does a good work you cannot reward them. That practice can spoil them. What you can do is motivate them when they achieve their tasks and appreciate the efforts they put in. A compliment, a better assignment or a new project to handle and expand their capabilities can do wonders to boost the work morale.


Collaboration and teamwork games:

Such games inspire the team work positivity. Games like Observation, Truth, Trivia, and Untangle etc. can uplift the spirits and build a bond of understanding between the peers. It can help you to get the best out of your staff. These games work as a staff development session.


Clarify goals and responsibilities:

Always have a practice of clarifying the mission and vision of your company to your staff. They should be aware of what they have to work on. When they are clear about the goals and responsibilities they can plan their way through the maze of challenges.


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Be innovative and lead your employees such that they can recognize their own worth and work with complete dedication to reach up to the company goals. The above efforts can make your staff work as a real team.