Beckham and Her Replica Burberry Handbag Make Me Crazy

h, Victoria Beckham. How I adore your style and love for Burberry bags! Of course, I buy the replica handbag version, but I first get an idea of the latest fashions from Victoria being spotted out in public. Whatever handbag she is rocking, I can’t wait to get. After all, she is the fashionable-ist fashionista of all, right?

After seeing her with this specific bag, as mentioned, I just had to go and get it. This is actually a pretty common replica Burberry handbag so it didn’t take too long to find a good quality one that looks identical to the authentic version. A few stores and window shopping and I was walking home with my new Burberry replica handbag in my hand… or on my arm rather.

The reason why this replica handbag was an absolute must-have, aside from Victoria making it look so amazing, is the style. It’s big and boxy, but not completely square. Confusing, right? Which is exactly why I fell in love with it!

replica burberry handbags, burberry replica handbags, victoria beckham fashion, The handbag almost reminded me of a suitcase, only a much smaller and cuter version! Yes, I am that girl that stuffs my whole life inside my bag, so when I saw how much I could actually fit inside this replica Burberry handbag… I was sold! As if I wasn’t already. I would have gotten it regardless, but still… this helped confirm my decision!

I really like the dark-maroon colour that Victoria Beckham has, so I chose the same colour for my Burberry replica handbag. Oh! And of course you’re wondering, “What is the actual name of the bag? ” How could I forgot? So it is the Burberry Manor Handbag, and honestly, it is one of the hottest items on the replica handbag market. It’s definitely one of my absolute favourites, but can you ever go wrong with a Burberry replica handbag? It’s not likely!

What do you guys think? Are you loving or hating it?