Yunmai Banking Card Recognition SDK

Have you thought about developing an application that is able to scan and retrieve the information from banking cards, or any pictures with text? OCR SDK (Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit) is the technology that can help you develop products you want with this feature. The SDK can be integrated into mobile application or PC software to meet clients' requirement. With OCR technology, the application you develop can extract the text from the images you captured with your mobile device's camera.

Yunmai Technology is a professional developer of Optical Character Recognition SDK and has become one of the best mobile OCR technology developers in the industry. Yunmai Technology provides OCR SDK for Documents, Banking Card and ID Cards recognition, as well as Business Cards Recognition SDK. Banking Card Recognition SDK can be used to scan Bank Card and retrieve information from it. This SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of Banking Card entries.

By integrating Banking Card Recognition SDK into the application, people can capture the pictures of the bank cards, then it will automatically scan, retrieve and categorize the contents on the cards, such as the bank name, the card number and the date. With Banking Card Recognition SDK, people are able to input the card information without having to retype it. 

Take private parcel delivery service company as an example, when clients are going to pay for the express fee with bank cards, the staff of the company can use the software to easily scan the bank cards, retrieve the information and get the payment. Banking Card Recognition SDK can be applied to any industries to help them solve the problems of bank cards entries.