Color temperature for a LED light

How to avoid home improvement lamps’ "light pollution" and to improve indoor visual environment? Now LED light manufacturer China could supply us various lights for use. We should have a look at LED temperature for a LED light when we buy it.


On the one hand you want to pay attention to a reasonable indoor lighting design, such as attention to color coordinate lighting, avoid glare, select little effect on the eye color, avoid direct light to the human eye and so on; on the other hand, consumers should also enhance the lighting design concept when you buy China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light, or buy big brands, high-quality lighting, decorative home environment healthy and pollution-free. Suppliers remind consumers to buy lamps, not only to consider the illumination, that is, we often say that the wattage, but also learn to consider the color temperature.


If you do not identify the color temperature of the light source package, it may be non-regular products. So for me, I would like to buy high quality modern LED ceiling light for my house decoration.