Ronaldo did not create a habit of excellent jump up

Actual The town in 2015, destined to nothing. As the variety one team, ronaldo's connection with team members, high-level, lovers are not ideal. Cristiano ronaldo obtained in the first 50 percent, designed by J Ronaldo's controversial charge. Into Buy Fifa 16 PS4 Coins.

After reviewing, ronaldo did not create a habit of excellent jump up with both hands after traditional celebrations, but glared at the Santiago bernabeu ground, right side has been pointing to his forehead. Cristiano ronaldo lovers think that this is a provocative real The town lovers, which indicates "not smart enough, you guess what I was thinking".Cristiano ronaldo and real The town lovers connection has not been very excellent, he often get booed at the bernabeu.

Cristiano ronaldo believes real The town lovers is too harsh, major team gamers always assistance their own gamers, real The town lovers are often at the bernabeu on boos to belonging to family members members. Cristiano ronaldo has reason to experience unpleasant, but his mind-set or increase the question of the dressing room. Cheap Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins to salefifa16coins.