How to shrink a cashmere sweater?

How to shrink a cashmere sweater?

I have a 100% cashmere sweater and I want to shrink it to a smalle rsize.I dropped it dry to the the dryer (high heat) to try to shrink it, but to no avail.Please help.

Wow! Are you serious? Usually people are concerned about NOT shrinking cashmere. The problem with cashmere is that if you do shrink it, it mats up and loses that lovely silky feel.

However, if you want to give it a try, get a sweater stretcher in the size you want it to be and try washing the cashmere in warm water instead of the cold you would normally use. Don't put it near the dryer. That will wreck it for sure.

Wrap it in a towel and press it as dry as you can, then stretch it over the sweater stretcher and place it outside to dry. Hopefully, it will shrink just enough to fit you.

you need to wash it in the washing machine first before you put it in the dryer

Dampen it slightly.The water will shrink it for sure.

Wash in hot water, It will shrink.