Not Impressed, Mr. Marc Jacobs and Your Replica Handbags

Let’s end this cheap dior milly bags week with a replica handbag that is just awful. Hey! Any true fashionista has a bold opinion and willing to share it, so why not, right? I can appreciate the good and bad of any handbag replica, but I really couldn’t find an excuse for this replica Marc Jacobs handbag. Not impressed… Not impressed.

I usually love everything Marc Jacobs has, especially the replica handbags but I really, truly, honestly can’t find a thing that I love about this bag. Am I supposed to use it to go bowling? I really think so. I can appreciate a unique design which is exactly the reason why I love Marc Jacobs replica handbags, but some things need to just be avoided. Now don’t get me wrong, I love big replica handbags as I have a lot of stuff that I bring everywhere with me, so a big bag is always essential for me to have, but the design of this one is too ugly for me to dior outlet shoes wallet bag get past. mark jacobs replica handbags, replica mark jacobs handbags, dior issimo bag replica neutral purse, bowling bag

The worst part? This replica Marc Jacobs bag doesn’t come in anything fun and funky. The most funk that you can get from this replica handbag is beige and yellow. Uh… can anyone say, boring?

This design from Marc Jacobs just has me so confused. I usually adore his style for his funk and variety of colour usage, but I do not know what happened with this replica handbag. Maybe Marc Jacobs himself called in sick this day. Who knows?

Although I can’t stand the looks of this design, colour and boring-ness of this bowling bag, I will still shop for Marc Jacobs replica handbags on a regular.

I mean, everyone and everything has it’s flaws, right? I’ll make an exception (not excuse) for this replica handbag… but if I start seeing his collection coming out with things my deceased grandmother would purchase… I may write off replica Marc Jacobs handbags all together. That’s a depressing thought, so let’s just hope this one mistake (yes, mistake) is only a fluke.