Firefighter Recruiting: The PQAs Required To Join The Service

Firefighter Recruiting: The PQAs Required To Join The Service

The firefighter recruiting is the process where by a fire company in certain location needs individuals to work closely with the community in such a way that they tackle fire incidents and rescue people from burning buildings, chemical spillages and road traffic collisions. 

The personal qualities and attributes (PQAs) are important when recruiting a firefighter. During this process a company that is recruiting individuals for the job in most cases measure personal qualities and attributes to see if the person has the potential to carry out the new role assigned to him or her.

The firefighter recruiting is not an easy task. When carrying out this process an individual’s PQAs should cover his/her ability to work with others, to be part of the team, to communicate effectively and to act appropriately in conflict situations. The PQAs are also known as behavioral indicators because they measure the trainee’s behavior.

During the firefighter recruiting time the officers in charge of the recruitment are always keen and would want someone who is committed to diversity and integrity. This means that the person recruited should understand & give respect to diversity and always adopts an ethical & fair approach in situations that happen to occur.

The trainee should be ready for change and always support the change. Another thing that is required from a trainee is to maintain confidence & strong attitude in highly challenging situations no what happens. Most company will person who is capable of working with others, that is, you should have an effective working with other people both within the company and even outside.

When recruiting a firefighter the company always prefer candidate who can communicate effectively that is both in oral and writing, because that is the person who can pass a message to the audience easily. You should also be committed to development (committed to development in both self and others within the company and society).

A problem solving person is most preferable when looking for a firefighter. This is because the person understands, applies, recalls and adapts to emerging issues in an organized, safe and systematic manner. The trainee should also be able to maintain an environmental awareness in active, safe and effective working.

The other thing that firefighter recruiting officers go for is the commitment to excellence. The trainee should be the one who is able to adopt a careful and positive approach to work, achieve & maintain standards of those around him/her within the company and in the community.