Of course, the package is different than


Difference skincare products

In general, the products in order to take care of the skin of both sexes are the same, in spite of the previously mentioned differences. However, there are a few small details that make a product for a men's skin is different:


Smell and packaging

Of course, the package is different than the woman products. Has nothing to do with the product itself, but obviously there are cries and colors that should appeal to men. The smells are different. Also this has nothing to do with the operation of the product, but you can imagine the smell of wild flowers is not very appropriate for men. These two differences are related to the target group and arose from the marketing idea.



A clear difference in, for example shower gel for men is the fact that often, and increasingly, contain materials that exfoliate the skin. These granules remove dead cells from the epidermis and change the pores. The reason is obvious: Men's skin is oilier, so pores can clog quickly.