The Game of Curling is a Sport Full of Intrigue

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Between now and then there will be 12 sessions in Round Robin play and semi-finals. There are people who who throw the stone, which slides across the ice toward the bullseye. The difference is, curling is a team sport that has multiple roles. At the end of each end the team that has the rock, or rocks, closest to the center of the button scores.

Curling, an Olympic sport that gained much popularity at the Torino Games, starts today and will be televised on the USA network. Then, there are sweepers who sweep the ice to either make the rock go farther, or to change the curl.

There are 10 rounds in each match called Ends, and in each end 8 stones are thrown. This game has the ability to go into overtime much the way there are extra innings in baseball.

Because the game is so unique, while still encompassing many aspects of other popular games, curling is a game that has instant intrigue.

This year however, there is more intrigue, in part because of the success of the game in the last Olympics and in part because of a member of the Canadian Womens Curling Team. Alternate Kristie Moore is 5 1/2 months pregnant. Check your local listings for viewing times.

. The odds are that Moore will not be involved in the outcome of the games, unless someone gets hurt, but she is only the second Olympian ever to be known to be pregnant while competing in the Olympic Games. The last time was more than 90 years ago when a figure skater from Sweden won a Gold medal while in her first trimester.

The Canadian Womens Curling Team is favored to win the Gold medal.

The Mens Gold Medal Game will take place February 26th. The sport originally debuted in 1998 at Nagano Games. For those of you who are not familiar with the sport, it is basically shuffleboard on ice

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