Feather Pulling : A Problem for the African Grey Parrot

Feather Pulling : A Problem for the African Grey Parrot

Feather pulling is well known to be considered a very unpleasant habit of the african grey parrot. They are known feather pluckers. It's said that the Timneh African Grey parrots aren't as bad since the Congo African Grey Parrots when it concerns feather plucking. But this is not a proven fact.

First of all any parrot keeper should ask himself why do parrots pluck their feathers. There are lots of different reasons for this nasty habit. The African gray parrot is a parrot species that need quite much attention from his human owner. If this doesn't occurs then the bird will probably get bored and this could cause feather plucking. But belive me that the this feather pulling problem is very difficult because it is very difficult to solve it. There have been cases once the african greys plucked their feathers due to getting to much interest. So that you just do not know exactly how to treat your chicken. Nutritional fluctuations, or environmental issues might also take to feather plucking. Some environmental problems may be smocking very-much in the place where the bird is kept or keeping him in an area with dry air. Is recommended for african grey chickens to get regular baths or even to come in contact with some kind of humid air. Because this could try feather plucking the african grey chickens should not experience any scary activities.

If this terrible habit appears in you bird's day to day activities than you should first view a veterinarian. He'll probably make an effort to locate a real reason for that bird's problem. It's best to try to comprehend what the veterinarian explains and try to discover some ways of handling the problem. If you know any thing, you will seemingly claim to read about learn about mango diet. It is confirmed that the african grey parrot may be the most intelligent species. When it becomes a partner parrot often leads to neurotic behaviors -- such as for example pulling his greater degree of intelligence, in addition to possible improper early socialization in the breeders and not understanding the birds intellectual needs.

Timnehs african grey birds do not pluck their feathers as much as the congo african grey parrot. This may be since they weren't as common whilst the congo african parrot. For their duller color they certainly were not as the congo as licked.

To summarize the feather plucking is a major problem for your african gray birds because they are very hard birds to take care of..MangoDiet
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