Soccer boarding school tip: Warming up

When you get up in the morning before a game, be aware of how you feel. See if you have any soreness in your body. Your team warm-up routine should cover all key areas, but you may need to do some additional stretching to hit any problem points you may have.

For pre-game drills, start out nice and easy with some light running and stretching to warm up your body. Once you're ready, move on to dynamic stretching - movements relating to specific game motions, such as jumping and lifting the knees. Follow it up with more static stretching.

For a group warm-up, do some passing drills with your teammates in groups of two or three. Just keep it easy to loosen your body up and connect with the ball.

For the thirty minutes before the game, all you're doing is warming up your body and making sure that you're physically and mentally ready to go into a full-blown match. Work hard during your drills, but don't exhaust yourself. Save your energy for the game.